About the studio

Fast and cost effective creative solutions that make a strong first impressionand drive powerful results under flexible arrangements.

Ink between is a collaboration of reliable and experienced professionals in the fields of communications, marketing, graphic design and copywriting.
The right team is put together based on the requirements of each project, so we can offer a high quality service without the higher prices and overhead of an agency.


About my clients

  • Experience frustration with word processors and graphics software. 

  • Usually don't have in-house resources able to create engaging and effective communications.

  • Have a restricted budget but with our help, don’t need to settle for mediocre design anymore.

  • Don’t need to employ an in-house full time communication team for occasional work. 

  • Don’t overpay an advertising agency for undertaking simple tasks. 

  • Don’t waste their time and effort talking to middlemen.


About Me

Through my creative, practical and diligent approach, I can provide you with creative solutions that make a strong first impression and drive powerful results – without taking forever or breaking the bank!

​My genuine love of technology, marketing and people continues to spark ongoing learning and new ways to streamline communications and processes. In my 22 years of experience I have helped small and large organisations to implement communications and web strategies that inform, motivate and persuade.

Wondering what have I really done?


5 Random things about me

  1. I am in my forties and still can't whistle. Don't try teaching me, because I simply CAN'T!!!​

  2. I don't drink coffee - at all!!! Don't like it, doesn't appeal to me, zero, zip, zilch, nada!

  3. I looooove tea: black tea, green tea, herbal tea and my fav: Ice tea! You could say Nestea is my drug of choice.​

  4. I love nice stationery and brush lettering is my new obsession!

  5.  You can find me at a fitness group training at 5:30am every morning or dancing flamenco on Wednesdays evening doing my 'happy feet' moves!