The problem

When it comes to communications and branding, if you don’t have creative skills or graphic design experience, you may end up making your business look amateurish or unprofessional.

I know that as a small business you don’t have the budget for a dedicated communications/marketing officer, so that's where Ink Between comes in.

You're also most likely...

  • tired of settling for mediocre design due to budget restrictions,

  • sick of overpaying an advertising agency to undertake simple tasks and

  • frustrated by wasting time, money and effort talking to middlemen and not getting things done.

My crystal ball also tells me that...

  • you can't take any more frustration with word processors and graphics software, and

  • you can't afford to employ an in-house full-time communication team for occasional work.


I hear you!

I am a careful listener and practical creative thinker that provide fast solutions to make a strong first impression and drive powerful results without breaking the bank!

My studio is a collaboration of reliable and experienced professionals in the fields of communications, marketing, graphic design and copywriting. The right team is put together based on the requirements of each project, so I can offer a high quality service without the higher prices and overhead of an agency.

If you want to produce communications that are not big enough for an agency 

but beyond your own capabilities, you're in the right place!